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We're back! Well we never left really...

It's been a long while since we've posted any blogs. A year and a half in fact! So apologies for the long absence!

Don't worry, we are still here and are actively promoting, selling, and supporting the Air Head Composting Toilets here in New Zealand.

So to start off (or should I say to re-start) our blog, check out this Tedx Talk by Amy Lin who talks about the importance of giving a crap about Composting Toilets.

This humorous talk explores serious fecal matters — specifically, the problems that we cause by flushing. Amy Lin informs us of the true cost of each flush, and offers a sensible alternative that she hopes will become the norm: composting toilets. With no need for water or costly infrastructure, composting toilets are an alternative to our standard water flush toilets. They also yield humanure, which promotes organic food production, while weaning us from chemical fertilizers. It all starts by coming to terms with the precious, age-old commodity of "brown gold".

Note that while Amy is giving this talk from the US - and from a US perspective - the problems she discusses in this talk are global and affects us all.


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